Dreams Money Can Buy

Michele Poggi, the earth explorer of the submerged world, and jealous keeper of rare and implicit secrets, that preserve the essence of fishing in absolute accordance with the socio-cultural heritage of every civilisation. Michele Poggi, the true romantic scholar of the fish that have been swimming in the world’s uncharted waters for millennia.
And so it is that Michele Poggi’s life is forever linked to rivers and their courses, ever since his birth in 1969, in Parma, on the banks of the Po River, lulled by the flow of its waters. In fact, Michele Poggi’s story can be likened to the course of a river, with many bends that cross countless territories and are in constant movement.

A great passion for chemistry has defined his professional career which, over the years, has afforded him the privilege of travelling and finding himself in places where he has had the opportunity to discover many rivers, lakes and seas in different continents.

Over thirty years of exploration trips and hundreds of fishing safaris, in the world’s remotest areas.
Over the years, Michele Poggi has made the search for big fish a relentless commitment, and in so doing, he has acquired an extensive knowledge of the different techniques for the fishing, capture and release of these huge, sometimes brightly coloured and most bizarre inhabitants of our planet’s waters.

The “Il Lusso della Pesca” (the Luxury of Fishing) website originates from a desire to share his own, unique experience, the product of so many adventure fishing trips and his unceasing search. Joy and disappointment, tiredness and adrenaline – the emotions that a fisherman experiences during every fishing expedition and on every exploration trip into the unknown are many.

The aim, through the use of these images, is to share and convey to visitors the magic that every fisherman enjoys whilst waiting to catch the fish of a lifetime. And it is precisely through the time dedicated to waiting to catch the Big Fish, that sometimes sadly never comes, that time becomes a luxury and fishing becomes the luxury of life.

Bon voyage…